A new way
of imagining
the drinking experience.

A new way of imagining the drinking experience.

Close your eyes

We want to take you with us.

The vital freshness of the springs, the bare feet in the woods, the warm embrace of the sun peeping out between the roofs of leaves, the rhythmic roar of the water, the hair moved by the caress of a light wind, the alternating dance of flowers and plants. We want to take you right here, the place where the nymphs inspired us. Where everything is harmony. It is the place of our most intimate memories, the place where we found ourselves fantasizing about our future and therefore about Soul 84 Spirits.

It is from this perfect balance that our products are born. From the great care with which we extract the pure essence of a root, a berry, a flower or a leaf. From the sweetness with which we proceed to distillation. From the extreme attention to detail that only a passionate artisan production can offer.

We brought you with us. Now you decide where you want to go.

We will do the rest.

Our way of imagining the drinking experience is immersive and heady. Our spirits and liqueurs are the ingredients that warm the atmosphere of a dinner with friends, that transport the mind away from the crowded counter of a bar, that accompany the end of an evening spent in front of the fireplace.
And even our candles, made with the same botanicals we use for spirits and liqueurs, are designed to intensify this experience that we want to be unique and unforgettable. After all, our aim is only to instill in you the sweet memory of a moment of happiness.

Soul84 Spirits
is us.