Soul84 Spirits

Our story

Javier and Matteo. Both born in 1984.

Our story has its roots in the endless summer days of the 80s, when life was more relaxed and being together seemed the only way to savor the passing hours. That distant memory combined with the passion for mountain walks, the smell of the forest, and the pleasure of enjoying a good liquor in front of the fireplace, especially with family and friends.

Different origins, but a common desire.
Create moments to share and celebrate togetherness.

Feet on the ground, head in the clouds

Two souls, one identity

We spent hours in front of the alembic watching Matteo’s grandfather distill his spirits. Together, we have experimented for years, growing and harvesting botanicals to find the best taste, and distilling spices to enhance their flavor.
At the same time, life led us to travel the world, confront ourselves with it, and to acquire knowledge about new cultures and their various aromas.

Soul 84 Spirits is ultimately the fusion of two souls, two people. One that is inspired by the Italian liquor tradition, valuing the products and botanicals of the land. The other with its sights set on new horizons, always eager to explore and innovate. The result is a range of products characterized by aromas that identify the Italian flavor but that combine perfectly with internationally-inspired ingredients and botanicals.

Immerse yourself in the Soul 84 Spirits experience