With each sip,
a different flavor

With each sip,
a different flavor

The thermal water

The heart of our distilled and liquors

Each sip will be accompanied by delicate and mineral aromas that will leave you with a lasting impression of the springs’ freshness. To preserve its purity and organoleptic qualities, the Mérida bitter is diluted with Tuscan hot water after the various botanicals are added to wheat alcohol.

The Mérida bitter is more complex than a typical bitter. The bitter has a powerful flavor defined by a distinct juniper note, the delicate perfume of citrus fruits, and the bitter aromas of roots and herbs, just like the warrior nymph it symbolizes Three different notes perfectly combined to create a new type of bitter.

Bitter Mérida

Hand selected botanicals

Citrus notes

A symphony of citrus and scented aromas is created by the alternation of the unmistakably acidic and powerful notes of the Sicilian lemon, the acidic and fruity notes of the bergamot, and the sweet flavor of the Sicilian orange.

Balsamic notes

The somewhat acidic and sweet flavor of the juniper berries wonderfully offsets the herbaceous and balsamic flavor of the arbutus leaves.

Bitter notes

The perfume of the rue, the welcoming sharpness of the hops, and the fresh aroma of the dandelion blend with the bitter and fragrant notes of the red cinchona and the gentian.

A toast to those who, like us, love life. Shared, enjoyed, lived.

A toast to those who, like us, love life.
Shared, enjoyed, lived.

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